SILENT STREAM, 2021, with Artist Jim Campbell

Central Subway Station Union Square, San Francisco Art Commission
Installation of more than 10,000 unique formed and polished stainless steel discs of different sizes,
Length ca. 145 meter and between 3 and 6 meter wide, steel construction hanging in steel ropes

Statement Jim Campbell and Werner Klotz:

Silent Stream

In formulating Silent Stream, we chose to disrupt the lines and shapes of the station’s architecture by bringing natural forms and light into the space. When visitors descend to the platform and encounter the installation, they can imagine being underneath a creek looking up at it from below. From this perspective, viewers find themselves at the lowest point in the city while the underground creek above them loops and meanders through the station. As pedestrians move along the platform, they become a part of the ever changing movement of the reflecting and distorting pixels that define the shape of the stream.