Werner Klotz, (American-born in Germany) is an internationally active artist working in the fields of installation and public art. He works exclusively within site-specific and interactive contexts that rely on viewer participation to emphasize themes and ideas unique to each project. Using a variety of materials and strategies including light, sound, video and mechanics, these installations engage viewers in ways that address their orientations towards a site and serve as instruments for perception into what makes each site, and each viewer, a unique point of view.

Projects include Le Milieu du Monde, a permanent multimedia installation onboard the three new Staten Island Ferries in New York City and Anemone, a interactive kinetic installation permanently on view at the San Francisco International Airport and Flying Sails, a kinetic light installation at Seattle’s SeaTac airport.He got commissioned together with the artist Jim Campbell for the public art at the Union Square Station of the Central Subway in San Francisco with a large scale (ca 750 feet long) kinetic light installation- installation January 2023.
In 2020 he realized a 13 channel Video and audio sculpture about the Portuguese Diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes, who saved more than 30,000 people from the Holocaust.
He is the recipient of the New York City Art Commission award for excellence in Public Art and the Marler Medien Kunst Preis Raum-Medien – Germany’s most respected Media Art Award. He lives and works in Berlin and New York.